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List of UK public libraries with downloadable e-books (mashup)

Posted on February 21st, 2011 by Paul Stainthorp

This week, I spotted that my local public library service (Lincolnshire County Council) have launched an e-books service. Hooray for them – they’ve also recently upgraded all the PCs and introduced wifi in my local branch library.

With many local libraries being cut or placed under threat, and their technological relevance criticised (often ignorantly), even by the PM, it’s great to see investment going in to library technology in Lincolnshire.

The Lincolnshire county libraries e-books site is at:

(It’s not obvious who provides this e-books platform, but it appears Warwickshire County Council—and possibly no-one else—has chosen the same provider.)

It got me wondering: how many UK public libraries currently provide an e-book download service?

To try and find out, I’ve created a (publicly-editable) Google spreadsheet wiki, containing the names of the 232 top-level local authorities in the UK, along with a column indicating whether or not they provide an e-book download service {1|0}, and columns for the URL and provider of that service.

At the time of writing, there are 48 public library e-book download services listed. If I’ve missed one that you know about, you can edit the spreadsheet yourself.

Screenshot of the public library downloadable e-books spreadsheet on Google Docs

I’ve then used a simple, 4-part Yahoo! Pipe to turn the CSV data output from that spreadsheet into an RSS feed containing only those councils that do provide downloadable e-books.

Screenshot of my public library e-book download Yahoo! Pipe

The finished RSS feed is at:

Screenshot of the RSS feed of public library e-book download services

Next, if I can remember my way round the GeoNames/ Maps APIs, I’ll have a go at plotting the e-book-providing libraries on a map.

Working on the web (staff workshop)

Posted on November 12th, 2010 by Paul Stainthorp

This is another in the collection of staff workshops that I’m running with Joss Winn of CERD and David Young from the University Research Office. This one has its own wiki page on CERD’s Learning Lab site.

Working on the web: Learning to use new web technologies and tools for teaching and research

This session will provide an introduction to a variety of freely available web technologies and tools that can enrich research, teaching and learning.

This workshop aims to help academics make better use of the web in their teaching and research. In this hour-long session we will show you how free and easy-to-use web-based tools such as RSS, social bookmarking, blogs and wikis can support your teaching and your students’ learning. Follow up, more in-depth classroom-based support is available through the Centre for Educational Research and Development.

Staff from all disciplines are encouraged to attend

This workshop aims to help academics improve their research by making better use of the web

We aim to:

  • Learn about different ways that the web can support student collaboration
  • Improve the way you observe and assess contribution to group work
  • Understand new ways of communicating, supporting and engaging with your students
  • Prepare your students for new and emerging ways of working on the web
  • Understand the benefits and manage the risks of teaching and learning in public
  • Improve the way you search for funding information
  • Improve the way you receive and organise information about research and funding
  • Find out about ways to make research collaboration, networking and manuscript production with others more effective and efficient
  • Find out how to connect and find others with shared research interests

We’re running one workshop a month between now and May 2011. University of Lincoln staff can book a place via the Staff Learning & Development Portal site.