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Library induction slides: Welcome to Riseholme 2011

Posted on September 23rd, 2011 by Paul Stainthorp

I’m helping out my colleagues at the University’s Riseholme Park Campus Library on Monday, with a library induction for new foundation degree (FdSc Agriculture and Environment / FdSc Equine Management and Training) students.

I used to do | loads of | these inductions | all the time (in the days when I was an ‘Academic Subject Librarian’, with responsibility for HE food and agriculture programmes, as well as for computer science)… these days, not so much.

This is my usual approach to induction slides: pretty pictures, not too much text. I worry that we bombard freshers with far too much information in induction week. I talk over these slides about what the Library does and how people can use our services. But I try not to ram loads of facts, links, and passwords down people’s throats too early on.

In the background (of self service)

Posted on December 23rd, 2010 by Paul Stainthorp

Proposed new background images for the Library’s self-service machines, tailored for each campus library. We hope to start using these (or some very much like them)—alongside greatly-improved touch-screen routines for borrowing and returning books—early in 2011.

1. GCW University Library, Brayford Pool


2. Theology Reading Room, Chad Varah House

(Notional – we don’t have self service machines at CVH [yet?].)

3. Riseholme Park Campus Library


4. Hull Campus Library


5. Holbeach Campus Library

Merry Christmas.