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UKCoRR members’ meeting in Salford

Posted on March 10th, 2011 by Paul Stainthorp

Catching up: I was at the University of Salford on the 25th of February, for the annual members’ meeting of UKCoRR, the UK Council of Research Repositories. UKCoRR secretary Nicky Cashman has written up the meeting on the UKCoRR blog.

UKCoRR poster

There were some varied and interesting 5-minute lightning talks from UKCoRR members, as well as from our special guests Josh Brown of JISC, who talked about JISC’s future plans and funding arrangements, and Richard Jones‘ mind-bending (in a good way) presentation of the possibilities of the SWORD v2 deposit-sharing protocol.

(SWORD, “Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit”, is a web standard/protocol for allowing remote deposit of items into repositories, and to allow records to be shared between multiple repository-type systems. A project to develop version 2 of SWORD was launched this year. More at: UKCoRR Technical Officer Nick Sheppard is a big fan of SWORD and has blogged about SWORD v2 on behalf of the committee.)

I also did a bit of a lightning talk/update on the geographical distribution of UKCoRR members, and about using map mashups to display our numbers and UKCoRR’s institutional ‘coverage’. I’ll blog about that separately, soon.

There was also an update from the UKCoRR committee, which included the shock(!) announcement that Huddersfield’s Graham Stone will be stepping down as chair of UKCoRR from the 7th of April 2011. UKCoRR has opened nominations for a new chair (and to confirm that the rest of us would like to continue serving on the committee) via our members’ discussion list

 “On behalf of the committee and the members of UKCoRR, I’d like to thank Graham for his time as Chair, and we’re very pleased that he’s going to stay on as a member of UKCoRR.  If you would like an informal discussion about any of these roles please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members. “

Very many thanks are due to the University of Salford (particularly to their current Repository Manager Karen Bates), for looking after UKCoRR so well. UKCoRR is a zero-funding organisation, so we’re dependent on the generosity of our members’ parent institutions to take care of us and give us a home from time to time!