Vogon poetry: tidying up the Repository ‘divisions’ subject tree

Posted on April 13th, 2012 by Paul Stainthorp

The Repository team (BJ and I) have been spending some time correcting the hierarchy of University divisions on the Lincoln Repository. The University of Lincoln has recently restructured some of its faculties, and introduced a College structure to boot. As a result the divisions ‘subject tree’ on the Repository had drifted slightly out of date.

Screenshot of divisions on the Lincoln Repository

As always, we’ve used the list of faculties and schools on the corporate website as our source of canonical information about the names of divisions of the University. We also managed to find a diagram of the new College structure to help us. At the top level of the Lincoln Repository there are now three colleges:

The top level also includes a division for the Faculty[?] of Agriculture, Equine and Food (apparently not part of a college for the moment), plus a ‘professional services‘ placeholder division. Each college is then divided into faculties and schools (with all but two schools belonging to a faculty). Clear?

The EPrints software, which runs the Lincoln Repository, provides a powerful set of ‘edit subject’ functions for manipulating this hierarchy/tree of divisions. One ‘node’ can be made the child of another node; a node can moved from one parent to another by adding it to its new parent (then ‘unlink‘ing it from its old parent); redundant nodes can be deleted – all without affecting the Repository items themselves.

The new divisions structure should now accurately reflect the current structure of the University of Lincoln*. You can see the tree of divisions at:

*Well, almost accurately. The new School of Life Sciences is a merger between two old schools (Biological Sciences and Natural and Applied Sciences). There’s still some tidying up to do here. Fixed in double-quick time by BJ!


P.S. The reference to “Vogon poetry” in the title of this blog post comes from the wonderful confirmation messages which EPrints serves up in return for carrying out changes to the divisions tree. Who couldn’t fall in love with language like this?

  • “Linked the existing subject node “The Library” as a child of this subject node.”
  • “Created new subject node with ID “col_prof”. Please now enter a subject name and set the subject to be depositable, if applicable.”
  • “No. (In which case it should probably have some children.”
  • “Oh freddled gruntbuggly/thy micturations are to me/As plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee.”

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