“From unprojects to services”

Posted on April 5th, 2011 by Paul Stainthorp

I’d recommend reading Joss Winn’s latest blog post, which contains a good overview of a whole load of innovative new services coming out of the ICT Online Services Team: including our own Jerome. Joss is at a JISC Information Programme meeting this week to talk about Lincoln’s rapid development successes.

“Much of our work has been undertaken at the initiative of individual staff, who have benefited from a supportive ICT environment that allows us the freedom to develop and test our ideas without running into bureaucratic walls.”

“Now that we know we can develop this way and that it works and we enjoy it, we’re hoping to expand from two to four student/graduate developers and have our own budget for hardware/software/conferences and to give to staff and students that want to join us.”

Read the full post on Joss’s blog.

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